History of Business Strategy

Traditional views on strategy were borne from a military definition of the word that historically referred to the manner in which troops would be deployed prior to battle. In the business world, this was translated into the manner in which resources would be deployed to beat the competition. This is a broad definition of business (competitive) strategy, but nonetheless remains generally true.

Despite this, in the 1980s, as Japanese car manufacturers began outdoing their American rivals with a focus on low-cost, high quality manufacturing, others began to imitate Japanese “lean production” techniques. As a result, competitive strategy , or the lack thereof, became largely about lowering costs, increasing quality, and generally increasing efficiencies.

Then, in 1996, the prevailing views of business strategy were summarily dismissed by Michael Porter, the godfather of modern competitive strategy, in an article in Harvard Business Review entitled, “What is Strategy?”


Defining Strategy

Perhaps no word is bantered about in business today more than strategy. While strategy means many things to many people and many definitions are considered correct, it nonetheless remains one of the least understood words in business today.


Viral Marketing

It’s common knowledge that word-of-mouth and viral marketing are the most cost effective ways to spread a message. Why? The main reason this is the case is that most all of us have learned to block out today's paid-for advertising messages.



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